"The Futbol Cult designs are really fantastic. We have been waiting for someone with a sense of history to produce something for us to show our pride. Keep it up. I am going to have to reboot my whole wardrobe." Craig Foster

"Futbol Cult pays respect to our beautiful game by producing wonderful, high-quality products. These designs are to be treasured, as should Anthony Siokos, whose work is amazing." Gary Cole

"Everyone in the Australian game should take a minute to acknowledge Anthony Siokos and all he does. He is an incredibly passionate and dedicated servant of football - and he does it for love, not money or status or political clout. And he has been doing it for decades." Jesse Fink

"Anthony Siokos is an exceptional human being. One who always promotes men and women on an equal platform." Cindy Heydon

"Bravo, Anthony Siokos. A pioneer of our game in this space. Remembering and promoting our history is vitally important to the next generation and beyond." Andy Paschalidis

"Futbol Cult's t-shirts are great. They capture Australian football's most iconic moments." Tara Rushton

"Futbol Cult is beautifully branded. It is presented really nicely." Andy Harper

"Anthony Siokos, your work is so bloody important, mate. It is our 'light on the hill' - thank you." Remo Nogarotto